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Week 8

These 8 weeks have been sailing by.  With 3 classes, all I know is school work.  At least I have family that understands 🙂

After reading about fonts in “The Principles of Beautiful Web Design” I am a new creature.  I will never, ever see fonts the same way again!  I have read about fonts in different books, but for some reason, the information was broken down in a more practical way.  I absorbed the info so much last night that I had dreams about Serif & Sans Serif fonts lol 

Below are some links that were reviewed for week 8:


  • Difference between ID and Class – A description of “hooks” – or IDs and Classes – used in CSS to build customization into markup.
  • CSS Typography – An overview of why typography shouldn’t be discounted on the web.

For a great resource on typography – both from a print and web standpoint – checkout

Here are a few short articles about web fonts, as well as the standard fonts found on most systems:

If you are unsure of any of the terminology detailed in the two articles above, reference the Glossary of Font Terms for more information

Reference: Review the article CSS Typography >>

Link from “The Principles of Beautiful Web Design”:

List of special HTML codes:

Individual Artists and Foundries:

Free and Shareware Font Galleries:

Fonts for Sale:

Individual Artists and Foundries


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