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Week 5

Seems like we just started class.  Week 5 already?  At least time is traveling fast 🙂  I am really enjoying this class.  Lots of reading, but worth it.  I understand so much more than I did when I first began this class.  Of all of the things I have learned, understanding  HTML code would my greatest accomplishment.  I have been helping a friend keep up with the weekly schedule on their church website, but every time I came accross an HTML issue, I ran from it because I just didn’t understand how to manipulate the code.  Well, last Sunday as I updated the info, I faced the code head on and was successful!

This week’s reading from “The Principles of Beautiful Web Design”

This week’s reading was on texture.  I am one of those people Jason talked about that keeps forgetting that lines are not just about dividers, borders & stripes.  Line is the foundation of art, drawing and design.  The chapter really opens my mind up about the use of line in my designs.

Websites from “The principles of Beautiful Web Design”

Creating Rounded Corners:
Creating Custom Corners and Borders: :http//
Thrashbox –
Nifty Corners –
Spiffy Corners –

Whimsical Cartoon Style

Building Texture



Advanced Photoshop Book:  The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks and Techniques


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