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Week 4

Wow, what a week with all the snow we have been getting.  I just heard that another big storm (3rd one) is approaching.  I really need to move back to Atlanta, real soon LOL.

The most interesting element I have learned for the week is the use of color and the use of Fireworks.  Fireworks will help to save a lot of time from switching back and forth between vector and bitmap programs.  Can’t wait to learn this tool!

My Navigation & Usability Comments:

I chose Sprint’s website since it is a major wireless company.

I must say I was very surprised that Sprint would not have put more thought into this design.  My first impression was the starter page took too long to get to the point.  The next page really blew me away.  I was all over the place and didn’t know where to focus first.  There are way too many links on this page.

Websites from some videos and tools this week are:

Interactive Advertising Bureau

The IAB is an association dedicated to helping online, Interactive broadcasting, email, wireless and Interactive television media companies increase their revenues. The IAB sponsors initiatives, such as standards, research, advocacy and education, that benefit the membership as well as the industry as a whole.

Color Matters


Color In Motion

Kuler Color

WEBSITE: Vincent Flanders – by Vincent Flanders;

Flanders has been writing for years about website that, in his words, “suck”. He identifies sites with useability problems in his own, comical, no-holds-barred way. He’s published books, written case studies, and invented terminology.

He has an extensive list of videos under the section titled Navigation Issues – Review the videos.

He also features a video short about a ridiculously bad example of navigation:

Mystery Meat Navigation

The term “Mystery Meat Navigation” refers to elements of navigation that don’t explain or make obvious that they are navigation items (ie, buttons with no labels, just obscure icons) and only change when the User’s mouse rolls over the navigation.

This type of “hidden” navigation is problematic for a number of reasons. Flanders posts some examples of Mystery Meat Navigation under the appropriate heading on this page. Watch the videos to learn more about MMN, as he refers to it.

Annual Suckers

Vincent is famous for his Annual Worst Websites, a list where he compiles the worst websites (through nominations) and summarizes them at the end of the year.


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