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Week 2

Week 2 is tuff.  Seems like a lot of work for a small period of time.  I can do this!!  At least that is what I keep telling myself. 

After reading and watching the videos, I have a better understanding of file structure within Dreamweaver, the difference between absolute and relative links, defining local and remote files.  I will have more to report once I complete the “hands on approach” of my assignments for this week.

I made through the end of week 2!!  Actually, I am starting to get a handle on having 3 classes.  The most interesting element that I have found about web design is, there is a global standard for structuring web pages.  You wouldn’t know it by some of the websites I have recently seen.


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  1. Hey Ellen, I just read your post on the Introduction discussion forum from week one. You mentioned I should make a Dream Board about biking across Europe and Asia. I must admit my first thought was that it sounded kinda corny, but then I thought it would actually be a good idea to have a constant reminder. So I’ve decided to go ahead and begin collecting pictures and posting them on my bedroom wall along with a map of the route I want to follow. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Comment by stevenishere | January 31, 2010 | Reply

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